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Glaser is the title of Palmer Eldritch’s second EP. The duo focus on the “ambient” side of their debut EP, Five Easy Pieces (PAD, 2011), as a starting point to create Glaser’s dysfunctional “ghost electronica”.

During approximately thirty minutes we’re guided through a journey departing with Bubble Chamber’s space glitch, passing through the noise abstraction of Supersaturated Vapor, Metastable Phase’s bucolic digitalia and Wire Chamber’s alienesque topographies, until we reach the disguised beauty of Superheated Phase.

At the end we are in the presence of some of the most challenging and rewarding music of 2012.

Glaser is available at PAD’s bandcamp.


Glaser é o nome do segundo EP de Palmer Eldritch. O duo baseia-se na componente “ambient”, assumida, em parte, no EP de estreia Five Easy Pieces (PAD, 2011), para construir a electrónica fantasma e disfuncional de Glaser.

Ao longo de cerca de trinta minutos viajamos com partida no glitch espacial de Bubble Chamber passando pela abstracção noise de Supersaturated Vapor, pela digitalia bucólica de Metastable Phase e pelas topografias extra-terrestres de Wire Chamber até chegarmos à beleza dissimulada de Superheated Phase.

No final temos a certeza de que estamos perante alguma da mais desafiante e recompensadora música que 2012 terá para nos oferecer.

Glaser está disponível no bandcamp da PAD.

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