Black Bombaim & La La La Ressonance

This recording is the result of a live performance in the woods around Meifumado Studios, in August 29th 2013. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zé Nando Pimenta at Meifumado Studios. Executive production by Duarte Araújo.

André Simão: electric bass and percussion. Gil Teixeira: electric and acoustic guitar. Jorge Aristídes: drums. Luís Fernandes: analog synth and electronics. Paulo Araújo: alto saxophone. Ricardo Cibrão: electric guitar. Ricardo Miranda: electric guitar. Senra: drums. Tojo: electric bass.

Released 24 February 2014
All tracks writen by Black Bombaim & La la la Ressonance.

2014, PAD/L&L

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