The go-between

I just got a call from her saying she needed a ride

She’s likely to suffer with this all, but what could I reply?

It may or it may not happen, the odds are the same

So chance might as likely return her reproach or acclaim


It’s a ride in the dark to the grey lair of what may come

And she fairly expects me to fight first and then succumb

To the maze of allusions and questions she carefully aligned

Since she came to trust me and trusts I know better his kind.


It’ll take her a while to acknowledge my dodging her doubts

And it may take a while to appease my will to freely speak out

But she’s facing whatever fate holds and there’s beauty in that

And the moment wisely calls for just plain harmless chat


So I lead the talk to things I sense are neuter and comely

To the time and the nature of this tricky task before me

And I spurn my early attempts at a weak “cheer up” ploy

She doesn’t just now need no gaiety or effin’ joy.

Esta é a letra do single de apresentação do novo álbum de Old Jerusalem.

Use-a para acompanhar a audição na próxima vez que se cruzar com a canção.


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